Decrease Brain Inflammation. 

Emotional abuse is brain trauma and causes inflammation, just like a concussion. This can lead to brain fog, memory loss, mood swings, chronic pain, etc. Take our free brain inflammation quiz to find out if your brain is inflamed, and what to do about it.


This Could Be Your Brain After Abuse

Rewrite & Rise is an AI-Powered Mind, Brain, Body Lab that works alongside traditional therapy to help those healing from the effects of burnout, emotional abuse, breakups, or quarter-life crisis.

Client Testimonials

Brandon Miller
Sales Executive & Leader


Our Process


Step 1: Book a Roadmap Call

What you're gonna get from this 1-to-1 call:

  • Problem Assessment Interview

  • Custom 3-Step Action Plan

  • Q&A w/ Cody about R&R Programs


What People Are Saying

Beau Hodes
Blockchain Developer

Everyone tells you to set goals and follow through with a plan to reach them, but few actually provide the framework and consistent feedback to do so, as I’ve experienced in my Rewrite & Rise Program.


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Our Process


Neurobics is a trademarked behavioral change technique that teaches you and your loved ones to reprogram your brains for the better. The brain is a muscle, and just like any other muscle, you can build it up to make it stronger and healthier.

Your Journey
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We help people rebuild themselves by decreasing inflammation in their brains.

We offer 63 Day programs that target healing your brain after trauma, abuse, and life transitions or events like breakups, new jobs, losses, etc.

Our Programs


The Hero Program

In this program, you get to create a Hero who becomes like an alter ego that you get to design yourself.

Heroes are built to help you take ACTION.

Problems a Hero can solve:

  • Low Self-Esteem/Confidence

  • Poor Mental and/or Physical Health

  • Lack of Motivation/Procrastination


Once you have your Hero, we use our Behavioral Activation process called the Belief Wheel to reinforce new, more empowering beliefs into your Mind through ACTION!

Certificate of Completion (1).png

Certifications for Life Coaches, Energy Healers, & Mindset Coaches

Learn the science behind what you do and get access to our data-driven tools & methodology so that you can ensure you're healing the mind, brain & body of your clients! 

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Changing the World
One Mind at a Time

Fear of change is one of the biggest reasons people stay stuck, learn to embrace change so you can move forward.

Frequently Asked Quesionts

No, Rewrite & Rise programs are not therapy. Our programs are focused on Practical Neuroscience that you can use in your everyday life.


If we believe you need more intensive treatment, we have a network of therapists/doctors we will refer you to! 

Have more questions? Email us at 🧠

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